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"The most beautiful stories begin with courage"

Das Gesicht hinter Ceris

How Ceris came into being

We are Stefanie (46 years) and Julian (15 years) from Munich - mother and son - and recently business partners!

It all started in spring 2022 with my son Julian’s school project in economics. The task was: Set up a manufacturing company with everything that goes with it. The group decided to create handmade candles. As an absolute decoration and design fan, I immediately liked the idea.

Julian was named as the managing director in his project group and was hooked and put all his time into the school project. One day he came to me and asked, "Mom, why don't we do this for real? You love candles, you are creative and I would like to become an entrepreneur. Let's start a company!” His enthusiasm was so contagious and his courage admirable - and after a little thought and research, Ceris was born!

In the meantime we have acquired so much knowledge and know-how on the subject of candles and spend every free second with Ceris. All products are handmade by us with a lot of love - after school and work. And we have so much fun doing it.

We are also happy to accept individual inquiries - if you would like a specific colour, a special slogan or a special scent , simply write to us using the contact form or send us an email to support@shop-ceris.com . Even if you need a larger quantity, just contact us!

And keep checking back in our shop: We're constantly expanding our range - we've got the passion!

All the best, Stefanie & Julian