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Who is behind Ceris?

We are a small, family-run startup from Munich and we manufacture special, aesthetic and unique candles from high-quality materials with a lot of love and passion.

Why buy Ceris handmade candles?

  • Nachhaltigkeit


    We use soy wax from 100% GMO-free cultivation or high-quality rapeseed wax from German production for our scented and design candles . The wicks are made of cotton or wood. Our packaging material is also sustainable: the cushioning film is made from recycled plastic

  • Individuell


    Each candle is made by hand and is therefore unique and one of a kind. We are constantly experimenting with new color combinations, fragrance and candle creations and are constantly expanding our expertise

  • Das Gesicht hinter Ceris


    All candles are lovingly handcrafted by my son and I. Starting from a school project, we discovered our passion for making candles. Here you can find out more about us

Summer in the city

♡ Kerzen für den Sommer ♡

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