Why buy Christmas candles now

Why we should start buying Christmas candles now

The days are getting shorter, the weather colder and stormier and to be honest - it's not long until Christmas either. That's why we've already started to work on our handmade Christmas candles in the last few weeks (And no, we haven't eaten any gingerbread yet. Except for gingerbread hearts from the Oktoberfest :-)). Because, as so often, time flies and suddenly it's the first Advent and you haven't bought any Advent candles or Christmas candles and everything is sold out everywhere. You're stressed and running from shop to shop to find the perfect decoration, when the holiday season is supposed to be a contemplative and quiet time.

And so that things don't get so hectic during the cozy Christmas season, Ceris is already offering Advent and Christmas candles!

In addition to Christmassy candles and candles with Advent numbers, we also offer different dip-dye candles in muted colors and gold tones . We are particularly in love with our little Christmas trees , which are made from high-quality rapeseed wax and decorated with glitter by hand. How do you like our new arrivals?

Warum jetzt schon Weihnachtskerzen kaufen - Ceris
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Our range includes high-quality design and decorative candles, scented candles, colorful candles with color gradients, as well as candles with sayings and motifs. Each candle is made or decorated by hand and is therefore unique.