Bring autumn into your home

The autumn is here...

"Autumn, autumn, autumn is here. It brings us wind, hey hussassa! Shake off the leaves, bring us rainy weather. Heia hussassa, autumn is here!"

Yes, autumn is really here... It's getting dark early and meanwhile it's also quite fresh outside! Time to make yourself really comfortable at home with a book and a cup of tea on the couch. Of course, a candle shouldn't be missing either. In keeping with the season, we've crafted the Mini Toasted Marshmallow Scented Candle, which smells wonderfully of autumn: a sweet, smoky note of marshmallows that have been gently toasted over the fire. The candle is also decorative :-). We like to stay at home!

Bringt den Herbst zu Euch nach Hause - Ceris
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