Our work: making scented candles

From soy wax to scented candles

First we melt the soy wax - we use pure soy wax for our scented candles, which is 100% GMO-free.

Then the wick (100% cotton) is placed in the middle of the candle glass with the help of an aluminum base. To keep the wick in the middle, it is fixed with a wick holder.

Before the fragrance can be added, the soy wax has to cool down a bit, because the fragrances must not be mixed in too hot - otherwise the fragrance will evaporate again immediately. The candle glasses are then filled.

Then you have to wait - it takes about 4 hours for the wax to harden. If the surface is not quite even at the end, it is briefly heated again with a hot air gun.

And the scented candle is ready :-)

Unsere Arbeit: Herstellung der Duftkerzen - Ceris
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