Why we use canola wax

What's so great about canola wax

We use high-quality rapeseed wax from German production for ourdesign and sculpture candles . Granted, it's not cheap...

BUT: Our rapeseed wax is made on the basis of rapeseed plants that are native to Europe. It is therefore a domestic, renewable raw material and 100% biodegradable, sustainable AND vegan.

In addition, rapeseed wax burns off more slowly than conventional types of wax, does not soot and is therefore not harmful to health. That convinced us.

100 points for candles made from rapeseed wax!

Warum wir Rapswachs verwenden - Ceris
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Our range includes high-quality design and decorative candles, scented candles, colorful candles with color gradients, as well as candles with sayings and motifs. Each candle is made or decorated by hand and is therefore unique.